Commonplace Books

Midtown's New Chill Spot

Undrell Maholmes

When I was a little kid one of my favorite places to go was the local book store. All of those isles of knowledge and information. It was like every time that you pulled a book from the shelf was a new adventure. As I got older local bookstores were slowly replaced with big chain stores. Along with that came less space for books due to all the space they needed for the Starbucks, movie, music and toy section. It soon became normal to go excitedly into those stores to purchase a book or magazine only to be told "sorry, we don't have that title in stock but we can order it for you". It seems like all the corporate stores forgot what made the bookstore the communal place that it was. It got to the point where I would pick up what I could in store and ordered everything else online. 

Being the natural born explorer that I am, one day I was having lunch with a friend in Midtown (a local Oklahoma City district) and on my way back to my office drove by Commonplace Books. I then thought to myself "was that a bookstore?". As I circled back and parked, yup Commonplace Books. I was so overexcited to explore this place. I walk in and I'm quickly greeted by the shop dog BOZ, a sweet Pyrenees mix from the humane society. As I walked in the nostalgia hit me and I felt like a kid all over again. Commonplace has a great selection of titles including some of the "off the beaten path" titles.

They have huge windows that allow all of the beautiful sunshine in and spaces to sit while you browse or flip through your favorite book. The music creates a wonderful atmosphere and the staff are wonderful, Most importantly it's an actual bookstore. It's that communal place that I grew up loving to visit, a people where people of all walks of life could come together and enjoy a great book or conversation. A place where you could learn as much from the people there as you could by browsing the internet. I love this place, I love the fellowship and human connection that this place and others like it facilitate. So if you're ever in Midtown, stop by and check it out. Who knows, maybe you'll catch me there giving BOZ a belly rub, or flipping through the pages of one my favorite reads.

Words & Photography

Undrell M.